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🚖 Discover Arequipa with Comfort and Safety in Reliable Taxis 🚖

We know that moving around our city safely and comfortably is essential. Therefore, we present you with a list of reliable taxi services that will allow you to explore every corner of Arequipa with ease and comfort. 🏞️

24 hour service in Arequipa

Taxi Turismo Arequipa

📞 Phone Number: (054) 458888
Whatsapp: 959458888
Dirección: Arturo Ibañez Jacobo Hunter 04011

Taxi Estrella Arequipa

📞 Phone Number: (054) 435588
Whatsapp: 979999848
Dirección: Av. Las Peñas S/N Lte 3, Chinpina, Socabaya 04012

Taxi Líder Arequipa

📞 Phone Number: (054) 442121
Location: Calle Mariscal Nieto 305 AQP054 Urbanización Hunter

Taxi Umacollo Tours Arequipa- Cerro Colorado

📞 Phone Number: (054) 275777
Location: Cerro Colorado, distrito de Yanahuara, Perú

Tata Taxi

📞 Phone Number: (054) 453535
Location: Amazonas 415, Mariano Melgar 04006

Taxi Latino

📞 Phone Number: (054) 775252
Whatsapp: 982373000
Location: Calle Manuel, Ignacio Prado 111, Cercado De Arequipa 04001

In the heart of Arequipa, a network of reliable taxi companies awaits you to take you through the wonders of our city. These companies not only offer transportation, but also a bridge to the local experience.

From iconic monuments to hidden treasures, every corner of the Department of Arequipa is at your fingertips thanks to these trusted services. Traveling with these companies is not just moving from one place to another, but immersing yourself in the history, culture, and beauty that Arequipa has to offer.

With friendly drivers and well-maintained vehicles, these taxi companies become travel companions that make every trip a pleasant and safe experience. Trusting these companies is more than a transportation choice; It is a choice to explore Arequipa with comfort and tranquility.

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